Phil Snell
Home Again
Comment from Tess Leslie (Yan Tan Tether)
This is a brilliant album! It's cheerful and relaxing and pretty. Everybody should have a listen.
Review by Kath Reade
This is a beautifully crafted feel-good collection of songs and tunes by the multi-talented Phil Snell. He has not only written some great songs, but has played all the instruments, and recorded, engineered, and produced the CD, including the cover.
A few friends, the likes of Tess Leslie and Lisa Marie Glover, have helped but this is the essential Phil Snell, from the heart, and great playing. Madeline Smyth helps out on banjo on 'Goodbye Lisa Jane' but he can play that too.
His love of Old Time music runs through like a rich seam, and reflects his times on the back porch in North Carolina playing with friends.
You can also hear the influence of those genius folk guitarists of the 60s and 70s on Dylan's 'She Belongs to Me', a style that Phil plays impeccably.
It is on his own compositions, like 'Hummingbird', so lyrical and moreish, that you are moved by his humanity, and personal integrity. Always eminently listenable, yet you can hear the steel in his longing for a decent equal society.
Meanwhile he will keep on playing his deeply enjoyable music for us all, and walking in the countryside with his dog, as expressed in the gorgeous 'Home Again'. This is a CD you can put on whenever your spirit needs a lift, and your foot needs a tap.
Kath Reade