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CD releases: I have a few albums, digital release below or you can buy CDs from me directly - use the contact link to email me. Home Again: £10, the others: £5 each.
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Current bands:
The Twangles - click here
Trio with Mr C D Wallum and Martin Nuttall
Little Giants from Sowerby Bridge
Fiddle for Kitchen Taps Appalachian Dance
Guitar for Flash Company Morris

Limbo Studio - Please visit click here

24th. February solo - The Sparrow, Bradford
27th. April Flash Company Chorley
29th. May solo - Al's Dime Bar, Bradford
6 - 8th. June Kitchen Taps Southwell Festival
17th August pick up blues band Shuffle Shuffle Festival, Bradford
19th. October solo Upstairs at Otley Labour Rooms